I’ll keep it simple, Stephanie is great to work with. She is positive, enthusiastic, she has great taste but it is never about her and her personal taste. She is great with the big picture and the small storytelling details. She is kind and strong with her crew. She watches the budget and knows where to get everything fast. She is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Stephanie for any job as a decorator.



Stephanie Trigg has worked with me for several years and I highly recommend her as a Set Decorator. She is highly motivated and resourceful, she can handle any project given to her without problems and on time. She is also very well rounded in all areas of the Art Department work. Stephanie has worked for several years as my set decorator on NBC's hit show, "The Biggest Loser". Her creative eye and design skills have added greatly to my art department. Her decorating of the show's sets have awarded her the praises of several of NBC's top executive producers, so much so her work has been submitted for Emmy consideration for the past 3 years. 



I have worked with Stephanie Trigg over the last 7 years on a variety of shows. Her work ethic is of the highest order and is matched by her dedication and skill as a prop master and decorator. I have recommended her for several jobs and always gotten stellar feedback about her work. She has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with. I would hire her at the drop of a hat.  



Stephanie Trigg transformed our renovation and new addition from a shell into a warm, welcoming home. She decorated our living, dining and great rooms as well as our guest house. In spaces that were void of color, Stephanie encouraged us to step outside of what was previously our narrow comfort zone, and in that process we discovered how much character and charm our house possessed. Stephanie is a dream to work with. She is conscientious and thorough. She listens, brings terrific ideas to the table and collaborates well with everyone, including contractors. She completed our decoration in a timely fashion and on budget. Stephanie brought a calm, competent and completely rewarding experience to our family for which we will be forever grateful.